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Local attractions

The Sopot molo


One of the most popular Polish recreation and party facilities, a showcase of Sopot. It consists of 2 parts: walking 511.5 m long, which is the longest wooden bridge in Europe and located on land square with an area of ​​20 thousand. sqm.


Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street


The street, 635 m long, is today the main promenade of the seaside resort. Closed for car traffic.

It runs on the site of a former dirt road connecting the Sopot village with a fishing settlement on the seafront from the 17th century.


Forest Opera

Forest Opera, a unique building built in 1909, after many years of use, has undergone a thorough reconstruction. Its main goal was not only to renovate the already worn out object, but also to adapt it to current standards.



Długi Targ


Widening of ul. Długa is Długi Targ, which by closing the Green Gate ends the Royal Way. There are many cafes, pubs and restaurants on its premises.

It is a favorite meeting place for both tourists and indigenous people, hence the role of a unique Old Market in Gdansk.


ZOO - Municipal Zoological Garden


The Gdańsk ZOO is currently the largest zoological garden in Poland. This is one of the most attractive places for recreation and education on the Coast. Initially, a park and forest area of ​​approx. 100 ha was earmarked for this purpose, and currently the area of ​​the Garden is 136 ha.

Stocznia Gdańska


Gdańsk Shipyard 


one of the largest Polish shipyards. It is located in Gdańsk on the left bank of the Martwa Wisła and on Ostrów. Established after 1945 in the areas where previously existed the German Imperial Shipyard (from 1844) and Schichau Shipyard (from 1890).



Kosciuszko Square


Kosciuszko Square is one of the favorite places for walks and tours for both tourists and indigenous inhabitants of Gdynia, as well as the place of many concerts, festivals and other events.

The greatest attraction for everyone is certainly the historic ships and sailing ships mooring at the wharf. It is worth visiting the Polish destroyer ORP Błyskawica and the most famous Polish sailing ship - Dar Pomorza.


EXPERYMENT Science Center in Gdynia


The EXPERYMENT Science Center in Gdynia is an interactive exhibition whose main idea is to teach through play. This is a place that triggers creativity, stimulates curiosity and hunger for knowledge - not only for children!


Gdynia Aquarium of the Sea Fisheries Institute


The Gdynia Aquarium, which is part of the Maritime Fisheries Institute - National Research Institute, is an extraordinary place in the center of Gdynia, surrounded on three sides by the sea, where you can admire unusual species of fish, amphibians and reptiles from different regions of the world, eg from Africa, America North or north of our continent

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