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Drop by for breakfast

For breakfast, visit the KAVA restaurant, which is open every day
The cafe is located on the promenade in front of our facility. Address: ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino 61. You will receive a voucher, which must be presented to restaurant employees.
The cost of breakfast, if it is not included in the price is 25 PLN.
The offer includes the following variants:
* Fried eggs, frankfurters, spinach, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, bacon (2pcs / 2 / 120g)
* Scrambled eggs, additions to choose: bacon, mushroom, tomato, chives (4 pcs / 50g / 50g / 50g)
* Toast, cheese, ham, bacon, mushrooms, served with a coleslaw of red cabbage and dip on a chipotle (1 pc.- 300g / 100g 50g)
* Chia with coconut milk, chia, coconut milk, fruit, granola (400g)
* Sweet pancakes, with mascarpone cheese, orange sauce and fruit (400g)
* Sandwich with jerky beef, salad from seasonal vegetables, pickled cucumber
(400g / 100g / 80g)
For all breakfasts with the exception of the sweet, a basket of bread and butter is served.
Coffee or tea is provided for each set.

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Nasz Adres:

Ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino 50 (drzwi wejściowe między restauracją Cafe Ferber a piekarnią Szydłowski, pierwsze  piętro)

81-759 Sopot




+48 58 555 77 77


+ 48 786 268 968 



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